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Mother's Love Nourishing Elixir

Mother's Love Nourishing Elixir


Mother's Love Nourishing Elixir contains a combination of oils that calm the mind, and nourish hair and skin. When you are overwhelmed by the stress of the day, go home, take a warm shower/bath, then massage your body from your scalp to your feet. You can never go wrong with "Mother's Love"!


    Returns only accepted if products are unopened or damaged during shipping, and within 15 days of date of sale. Proof of purchase and damage is required. Refunds will be returned via purchase method used for intial transaction.


    Orders will be shipped within 1-3 business days of purchase. Due to COVID-19, delivery times may vary. Tracking information will be provided once order has been shipped. Price will be based on USPS handling rates.

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